Child Custody: Issues Such As Physical and Legal Rights, Support, Abuse, Visitation, and Best Interest of Child.

Child Custody Child custody is one part of the Family Courts that can be wrought with High Emotions. Massachsuetts has defined Laws. Cases brought before the court usually contain complex issues such as: the best interest of the child, parental rights, health, education, visitation rights, and support.

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Child Custody Parents seeking custody of a child can petition the court for a number of scenerios of custody from Legal to Physical custody or both. Courts aim to make the best situation for the child. Ruling on visitation, support, conseling, health care, etc.


Joint Physical Custody Joint Physical Custody. Joint physical custody is where the child spends time at both parental residences.

Sole Physical Custody meaning that the child resides with one parent. The other parent may have visitational rights depending on if the court felt it was in the best interest of the child.


Joint Legal Custody Joint Legal Custody. Joint legal custody is where both of the parents have the right to make important decisions.

Sole Legal Custody Means one parent has the legal right to make important decisons.


Parenting Classes The court can order a number of different scenerios depending on what is best for the child. Massachusetts may require both parents to take parenting classes.


Child Support Massachusetts orders child support based on financial guidelines, age of child, etc.


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